Opportunities should not be limited.

Are you a youth or adult in the Huntsville area diagnosed with a developmental disability? And have you been told you do not qualify for Developmental Services Ontario-funded supports and services? Or are you on a waitlist for Developmental Services Ontario funds?

Our Community Living Huntsville Pathways Program may be able to help.

Our Pathways Program gives you free access to our Pathways Coordinator. It is free because it is funded by fundraisers, donations, community events, and charitable grants.

Our Pathways Coordinator will listen to you, and help you think about and plan the life you want to live in your community. That could mean you talk about housing, employment, education, lifelong-learning, spirituality, community activities and recreation, volunteer opportunities, and more.

And then our Pathways Coordinator will work with you to build your community connections and make your plan happen.

Where to start

Questions? Reach out to our Pathways Coordinator to learn more. And while you will find an online Pathways Program application below, you can also ask the Pathways Coordinator for a paper copy of the application too. Contact:
705-789-4543, Ext. 215

Pathways Program Application Form