Community Living Huntsville advocates for and provides support for people with developmental disabilities to connect to and take up full citizenship in their community. Many of our services are government funded, but there is a gap.

Some members of the community who have developmental support needs do not meet the criteria for Developmental Services Ontario, however to reach their potential in life they would benefit from having support to explore their future and become connected in their community.

This is where PATHWAYS can help.

The Pathways Program provides supports for those with developmental disabilities (who do not meet the eligibility requirements for government funding) to connect with the community; get involved with social activities, build a personal network, and get a job.

The Pathways Program Facilitator assists people to think about their future. This can involve setting and work on goals, in the order that they choose, to create a full civic life including: housing options, employment, education, lifelong learning, spirituality, recreation/ leisure, and volunteerism.

An underlying priority is to assist the person to build a network of formal and informal community supports which is essential to experiencing sustained, successful outcomes.


Belonging is the cornerstone of healthy lives.

It is once a sense of belonging is achieved that one can start to build self-esteem and confidence to explore dreams.


The Pathways Program can be accessed by anyone who has a developmental disability (as diagnosed by a medical practitioner) within the Huntsville catchment area, but who does not meet the eligibility criteria for support through Developmental Services Ontario.


To learn more about the PATHWAYS Program, please download our Pathways brochure.

If you would like to apply for the program, please download the application here: Pathways Application Package.

If you’d like to speak with Community Living about the PATHWAYS program or to obtain an application form in person, please contact Amber Gordon at

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