Planning Services

Our person-directed Planning Services assist people with developmental disabilities to choose and work toward the life they want to live in their community.

How it works

Our planning co-ordinator will talk with you about the life you want for yourself, help you create a plan to build that life, and then work with you to make it happen over time. You make the decisions.

Plans could include steps to build or strengthen your relationships with family and friends, explore meaningful places and activities in your community, connect with community or government supports, find work or volunteer opportunities, live in your preferred type of housing, or pursue education opportunities, for example. It depends on what you want to put in your plan.

Our co-ordinator will focus on the following when helping you create your plan:

  • Person-Directed Planning: Person-directed planning means our co-ordinator listens to you about how you want to improve your quality of life, and then assists you in setting and reaching balanced goals based on you, your hopes, dreams, interests, and needs.
  • Community First: Our co-ordinator believes the community is always the first place to look for the information, connections, and resources that will help you make your plan a reality.
  • Building Capacity: Our co-ordinator will support you in increasing your skills, abilities, resilience, and independence.
  • Relationships: Everybody needs relationships with other members of their community. Some people need help to develop these relationships. Our co-ordinator will help you find welcoming people and places in community.
  • Community Involvement: Everybody needs opportunities to take part in and contribute to their community. Our co-ordinator will help you explore ways for you to contribute and participate as a valued and respected community member.
  • Self-Determination: You should get to make decisions about your life. Some people need or want help from their support network to make those decisions. Our co-ordinator will keep the focus on you throughout the planning process, believing that you can decide what you want for your life.

If you would like to learn more about our Planning Services and the benefits of working with our co-ordinator to create your Person-Directed Plan, please contact our Planning Services co-ordinator today.

Where to start

For more information about our Planning Services, please contact:

Julia Danks
705-789-4543, Ext. 214

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