Facilitation and Planning

Facilitation and planning is an ongoing process of exploration and discovery, rooted in relationships, to help people with disabilities and others to achieve a good and valued life that includes their participation and contribution as citizens.

What do Facilitators do?

Facilitation involves a trained facilitator walking with a person over time. It involves expanding personal networks, planning, and connecting people in community.

Facilitators do this as they:
  • Listen deeply to what an individual feels is important now and for the future
  • Assist the person’s voice to be heard by others
  • Guide the planning process at the pace that is right for the person and their friends and/or family
  • Assist people and their support networks to be good at planning and decision making
  • Provide written plans that make sense to the person
  • Help the person develop relationships and build a strong network of friends and/or family
  • See the person, along with their friends and/or family (their support network), as the decision-makers
  • Explore people and places to help the person build a life in their neighbourhood and community
  • Connect people with those community places that are most meaningful to them
  • Help move ideas into action and develop action plans of what is needed
  • Assist the community to respond to people and their plans
  • Help the person and their support network review how things are going


What approaches do Facilitators use?

See Community as a First Resort.

Facilitators believe community is always the first place to turn for fulfilling a dream, developing relationships, having valued roles, and finding solutions.

Build Capacity

Facilitators assist individuals, families, community, and the system increase their skills and abilities. They are always looking for ways for people to build their capacity to develop and respond.

Focus on Relationships

Everybody needs relationships with other members of their community. Some people need help to develop these relationships. Facilitators help find people and places in community that are welcoming.

Believe in Citizenship for All

Everybody needs opportunities to truly take part in and contribute to their community. Facilitators explore ways for people to contribute and participate as fellow citizens.

Believe in Self Determination

Everyone should be the main decision maker about their life. Some people need or want help from their support network to do this. Facilitators keep the focus on this throughout their work with people, believing that each person can direct their life.

Person-Directed Planning

The Person-Directed Planning process will support each person in improving their quality of life through examining their current life situations and setting goals based on a balance of desires and needs, choosing & attaining their goals, ensuring that people’s needs, aspirations and desires are met, and help improve the quality of people’s lives.

If you would like to learn more about Facilitation and Planning, please contact:

Carla O’Neill
705-789-4543, Ext. 268

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