Services for Employers

Community Living Huntsville matches people with disabilities and businesses who are looking for employees. We provide training and support, and our goal is to create a win-win situation.

Community Living Huntsville is in the business of helping you fulfill your staffing needs. Employment Specialists match an employer’s needs with a specific person’s skills and abilities. We then provide on-the-job training and support for the employee to ensure a good fit and a successful match. Our goal is to create a win-win situation in which the employer and the employee benefit from the match. We work with co-workers and supervisors to ensure mutual satisfaction and success.

Our Services to You

  • Pre-screened qualified applicants to meet your employment needs
  • Trained professionals for initial on-site training and support for employee
  • Trained professionals for education and support for co-workers/staff on disability issues
  • On-going support to both the employer and the employee to deal with any issues that may arise
  • Follow-up to ensure satisfaction for both employer and employee

Job Matching

Job matching compares the requirements listed in a job description with the skills of the job seeker. If requested, the employer can receive a list of potential candidates for the position.

Job Development

Job development helps the employer identify staffing requirements that are not being met. A position can be created to address this, which in turn creates a high level of productivity by staff.

Connect with us today!

Where to start

For more information or to connect an employment opportunity, please contact:

Diane Lupton
705-789-4543, Ext. 226

Some of the employers we work with:

Boston Pizza
the home depot
hunters bay radio
lindgren storage
reeder web design
your independent grocer
up north games
huntsville public library
nutty chocolatier

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