Board of Directors

Community Living Huntsville’s Board of Directors 2019-2020

Adrienne Rinne: “I have worked with children and young adults with disabilities in many different capacities throughout my youth and early adulthood. When I moved to Huntsville last September, I wanted to find an organization with whom I could continue my interest in developing and participating in a community that celebrates all people for who they are. After attending an Inclusion Tour, I was drawn to Community Living’s mission and wanted my class to contribute to developing an inclusive community in Huntsville. In collaboration with many employees at CLH and within the community, my Grade 7/8 class attended several events and published several inclusion articles in the Doppler. I would love to continue my involvement in CLH by joining the Board of Directors.”

Debbie Demers: “Ever since I worked at Lakewood Nursing Home, I have always hoped things would change for the people with any kind of disability. I worked at Lakewood Nursing Home for 5 years and was a Board member, Crisis Responder and Team Leader with Muskoka Victim Services for 10 years. Now that I have a 13-year-old grandson with Down Syndrome, I am more determined to help in anyway I can.”

Debbie Kirwin: Debbie has returned to the Community Living Huntsville Board of Directors, she has promoted inclusion in our community by advocating for: improved accessible transit and taxi service, accessible affordable housing, employment opportunities for people with disabilities, inclusive recreational programming, and activities such as: accessible trails and playgrounds, universal  versus barrier-free design, accessible community halls, accessible public meetings, accessible festivals and events and improved access to businesses through the “Yellow Ramp” program. The Town of Huntsville, the Chamber and the BIA have been instrumental in making these issues viable. Debbie has served as Chair of  Huntsville’s Accessibility Advisory Committee (AAC) since 2004, and sits on the District’s AAC. She sat on the Accessibility Standards Advisory Committee, Province of Ontario 2012-2014,  was a member of the 2006 Parasport Games Organizing Committee Huntsville and Co-Chaired of the Organizing Committee for the 2012 Parasport Games Huntsville. A Western University degree led her to a teaching career at the Faculty of Business, Sheridan College until her early retirement at age 42. Spending time with her husband, kids, and grandkids is her true passion.

Debi Davis: Debi and her husband John have lived in Muskoka for almost 40 years, first in Gravenhurst and currently in Huntsville. John and Debi are now retired and enjoying their family. They have three daughters, four granddaughters and 2 grandsons. Debi’s love of the Muskoka community has been evident in her involvement as a founding member of the Rotary Club of Huntsville Lake of Bays, founding member of the Muskoka Red Cross, Public Relations Director for the Huntsville Horticultural Society, and a Huntsville Park’s and Recreation Committee member. Debi was with the Huntsville District Memorial Hospital Foundation for more than 16 years. During that time she helped guide the Foundation to raise over $15 million dollars. Debi remembers 3 people who travelled on the bus with her to school for 4 years in Haliburton County. These young people had few friends because of their disabilities. “I was proud to defend them from bullies and even more so to act as a caregiver for one girl, who was the same age as me, she only wanted to be treated as my equal. She was very interested in boys, kissing and music. Just as any teenager might be. It was good training for me, especially when our own little Granddaughter was born in 2007. Kikki continues to teach us all about love, caring and patience”. Debi is keen to stand with all members of our community to teach, learn and share tolerance.

Drew Markham: “With my father having worked in the Ministry of Community and Social Services for several decades, I was able to witness first hand his work with intellectually disabled from social worker to policy planner. He was very involved in developing policy that led to deinstitutionalizing, for which I have grown to gain a deeper understanding and respect. After hearing Sheldon and Cathy speak at an event, it became clear that Community Living Huntsville would be a worthy and personal choice to receive from our Huntsville’s Got Talent event which we plan to continue for several years.”

Elizabeth Rice: “I was born and raised in Huntsville. I spent my summers on the water, and my winters at Hidden Valley Ski Club. I attended the University of Western Ontario and graduated with a BA. My plan had never been to return to Huntsville but I realized how much I missed the lakes and the recreation, and how much I missed the small-town atmosphere. I was fortunate to be able to return to Huntsville and take a job at the Huntsville Forester; a business started by my great-great grandfather. I made a very satisfying life for myself here, joining many community and volunteer groups, raising my family, and working with a phenomenal group of people at the Huntsville Forester. I am retired now and my children are grown and off pursuing their dreams. Community Living is dear to my heart. My brother was born with developmental disabilities and takes part in the Community Living program in South Muskoka. I am involved in his life and in the creation of his person-centered care plan. I have first-hand knowledge of the good work Community Living does.”

Matt Huddlestone: Matt has been the manager of the Algonquin Theatre for the last three seasons, is married to the lovely Dawn Huddlestone for 22 years, and has a wonderful daughter; Kalei. Matt has a diverse skillset that includes more than 20 years of successful experience in theatre operations, customer service and sales. His employment and volunteer work encompass a variety of industries including the arts, tourism, hospitality, leisure, and sports. He has developed, founded and delivered several successful theatre productions and programs.Matt has exceptional interpersonal skills and is able to successfully work with a wide range of personalities.

Myke Malone: “I have lived in Huntsville for 30 years, and have been an active volunteer for many events, fundraisers, and organizations. I believe what makes Huntsville so great is its sense of community, and I believe we should contribute to what we enjoy! I have been involved in a variety of community organizations over the years, such as; the Huntsville BIA, Huntsville Economic Development Committee, Hospice Huntsville, and was a Director and President of both The Huntsville Lake of Bays Chamber of Commerce, and Huntsville Festival of the Arts. While I thought that I was “familiar” with the programs and services that Community Living Huntsville provides, it wasn’t until I attended a Celebrate Inclusion Tour, that I was really moved and inspired by the impact that Community Living Huntsville has on the lives of the people that it serves. I was eager to host a Tour, and get involved further. I have become an avid supporter Community Living Huntsville, its programs, staff, and most importantly the people they serve. While I have enjoyed my volunteer role with Community Living Huntsville, I feel I have more to offer and am looking forward to expand my involvement as a Board member.”

Rosemary McGuire-Herman: Rosemary is a retired librarian.  During her seventeen plus years with the Toronto Public Library she worked on the front lines in several branches and at a system level in Collection Development.  In the branches, Rosemary dealt with a population that was diverse in cultural and socioeconomic background, age, and ability.  At the system level Rosemary was Chair of the committee that selected Young Adult material for the ninety-nine branches of the Toronto Public Library.  In delivering excellent library service, Rosemary was informed by the principles of inclusiveness and of free and equitable access for all.   She was also committed to doing her best to foster a welcoming environment in which customers felt valued and appreciated. Rosemary has retired and moved to Huntsville.  She would like to utilize and strengthen the skills and experience she gained as a librarian while contributing to her new community.  She was impressed by the vision and mission of Community Living Huntsville which focuses on the individual.  Rosemary feels that the respect for the needs of all individuals and the commitment to a job well done that directed her career with Toronto Public Library would work well with the person centered philosophy articulated by Community Living Huntsville.

Tish Firman: “I have been a passionate volunteer for Community Living Huntsville for the past 6 years with the Voices for Inclusion Team. I have been a lifelong passionate advocate for individuals living with any label but especially the label of ‘disability’. I am honoured to be marching with the ‘Pathways’ initiative and to actually know we are making a difference.”


If you’re looking to make a difference, make it with Community Living Huntsville.

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