Explore options that are as unique as you.

What you can expect:

  • Assistance with growing your social networks
  • Connection with recreation and leisure activities
  • Opportunities for volunteering
  • Access to employment supports
  • Assistance with discovering skill building opportunities
  • Support with developing independent living skills
  • Access to facilitation and planning
Where to start:

For people who have Passport funding or other individualized resources, we work with you to design personalized services that will meet your needs and budget.

For more information, contact:

Carla O’Neill
705-789-4543, Ext. 268 or 705-783-2539

Frequently Asked Questions


How can Connections be purchased?

Connections can be purchased through these funding sources:

  • Passport Funding
  • Special Services at Home Funding
  • Respite Funding
  • Personal Money

Am I eligible to receive Passport funding?

Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) is the government agency responsible for Passport Funds. They will determine your eligibility to access services in your area.

To check your eligibility:

  1. Visit the DSO website at
  2. Find your local DSO contact info
  3. Contact your local DSO
  4. DSO will confirm your eligibility

What can Passport funding be used for?

Passport Funding can be used for services and supports that include:

Person Directed Planning

We’ll help develop a plan that builds on your strengths and interests while identifying which supports are needed to achieve your goals.

Administration of Passport Funds

We will coordinate your desired supports and services, which includes: recruiting, hiring and supervising trained professionals, and managing the financial administrative responsibilities.

Community Participation

Includes recreation, leisure, volunteer opportunities, and skill/ personal development as directed by you
Supported Employment Services
Supporting you, or your family member with developmental disabilities to obtain and maintain meaningful paid employment in their community.

Activities of Daily Living

Support in your home! Flexible and responsive to your needs and interests.

Caregiver Respite

Flexible short breaks for children, youth and adults within the community.

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