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Build your life without barriers.

Connections is our fee-based service that supports you to build a life that is truly your own.

Our Connections Team will talk with you about your interests and goals, and together you can explore options that are as unique as you. We can then connect you with services, activities, resources, learning opportunities, employment, community connections, and more, so you can build your life without barriers.

We work with you to design your personal plan in a way that meets your needs and budget, whether you receive government funding, have other personal money, or need financial support.

What you can expect

  • Services tailored to your own needs and interests
  • Access to planning services
  • Support with growing social and community connections
  • Explore opportunities to build your skills
  • Support to develop independent living skills
  • Connection to recreation and leisure activities
  • Opportunities to volunteer
  • Explore learning opportunities
  • Access to employment supports

Want to learn more? Contact our Connections Team with questions or for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access Connections?

You can purchase our Connections services with your government funding, such as Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) Passport, Special Services at Home, and Child or Adult Respite funding.

You can also use other personal money.

And if you are an adult diagnosed with a developmental disability, but deemed ineligible for DSO funded services or waitlisted for funds, you may still be able to access our Connections services for free through our Pathways Program.

Am I eligible to receive Passport funding?

Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) is the government agency responsible for Passport funds. They will determine your eligibility to access funding and services in your area.

To check your eligibility:

  1. Visit the DSO website
  2. Find your area DSO (Community Living Huntsville is in the DSO’s Northeast Region as part of Muskoka)
  3. Contact your area DSO
  4. DSO will tell you if you are eligible for Passport funds

What can I spend my Passport funds on?

Your Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) Passport funds can purchase Connections services and supports that include:

Person-Directed Planning

We will work with you to create a life plan that is based on your interests, builds on your strengths, meets your needs, and helps you reach your goals.

Administration and Management

We can manage your Passport funds, coordinate your desired supports and services, provide you with professionally trained Community Living Huntsville workers, purchase Passport-approved items, and take care of any related paperwork for you.

Community Participation

We will support you to connect with community programs, classes, activities, events, and volunteer opportunities that matter to you – and that help build your skills, confidence, and independence.

Supported Employment Services

We can support you to explore, find, and keep a meaningful job based on your interests and goals. Community Living Huntsville has relationships with more than 125 local businesses and organizations in North Muskoka.

Activities of Daily Living

We can arrange supports and services that help you build your skills to live independently in your home.

What will happen at my first meeting with the Connections Coordinator?

Your first meeting with our Connections Team is about you getting to know each other. You will get to talk about your goals. You will hear about what is available in the community to help you reach your goals and how Community Living Huntsville can support you. And you can ask questions. You do not have to make any decisions, or purchase any Community Living Huntsville services, either at this meeting or after this meeting.

Where to start

Let's talk about your goals and whether Connections is right for you. Contact our Connections Team to start a conversation:

Megan Wilmon
705-789-4543, Ext. 268