Resource Teachers and Family Support Workers will help identify a family’s respite needs and will provide short-term co-ordination to overcome barriers to receiving respite services. They will also assist in completing application forms for funding and at times, assist in interviewing potential Respite Contractors.

Community Living Huntsville also screens potential respite contractors in North Muskoka on behalf of the service agencies in the Muskoka, Parry Sound, and Nipissing District. In partnership with Community Living South Muskoka, we assist with the approval of the adult respite applications. DSO manages future applications and the wait list.

North Muskoka covers: Novar, Huntsville, Port Sydney, Baysville, Dorset, Dwight, and areas in between.

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Thanks to the respite funding provided through Community Living, I have been able to spend one on one time with each of my sons. Being able to focus energy and time on one child individually has been such a blessing. It's a way for me to fill their emotional cup up and strengthen our mother-son bond through activities we do together - just the two of us. I am a single mom to two wonderful boys on the spectrum. My older son has Asperger's and my youngest son is Autistic. Days can be emotionally intense and physically exhausting. Speaking personally, respite is so desperately needed. Sometimes the daily demands of managing difficult emotions and behaviours cause me to feel very depleted of energy. With the help of respite funds and a very trusted respite worker, I have been able to get some time away and also have peace of mind that my boys are being well taken care of. These breaks allow me to come back feeling refreshed and refocused, more patient and in turn it makes me a better parent to my boys. I don't know what I would do without it and am so very grateful to my family support worker and the organization itself for the help they have provided my family and me.

Where to start

If you would like to learn more about how Community Living Huntsville assists with respite services, please contact:

Stacey Bullock
705-789-4543, Ext. 215