Resource Consultant

For ages 18 months-6 years old

The Resource Consultant program supports children ages 18 months-6 years who have a developmental delay or are at risk for a developmental delay. Your child does not require a diagnosis to use our supports.

Resource Consultants take a holistic approach to the supports they offer each child by working with the family in their home, in daycare, in school, and in Early Years Programs. Referrals can be made by the parent or through an agency, school, or daycare with the parent’s consent. There is no waitlist. Caseloads and frequency of visits are adjusted to accommodate everyone.

Our Resource Consultants use the Battelle Developmental Inventory 2nd Edition (BD12), a screening tool used to assess the child’s overall development. Once the assessment is complete, a report is created that outlines the results and recommendations to support the child’s future development. This report may be utilized by families, daycares, schools, other agencies (if a referral is made), and Community Living Huntsville.

We offer the following services:

  • Programming is provided to parents based on the child’s strengths and needs. Recommendations are modeled during play sessions. Toys and materials may be borrowed to continue the learning with parent and child.
  • Information is shared regarding resources available in the community, how other agencies can help, child development, parenting tips, and available funding.
  • Access to resource books from Community Living Huntsville’s library is provided.
  • Assistance with making a referral to another agency or attend Pediatrician appointments when requested by a parent.
  • Support for the child by consulting with the staff regarding programming ideas after observations in the classroom.
  • Resources and toys can be borrowed for use in the classroom.
  • Support for the child by making observations in the classroom, followed by a meeting with the teacher to discuss ideas and recommendations.
  • Attend school meetings with the parents to assist them with advocating for their child.
  • Ready for Kindergarten
  • Family Literacy
  • Speech and Play Day
  • Let’s Grow Screening
Community Living Huntsville School Readiness Booklet

If your child will be turning four years of age in the coming year, now is the time to start thinking about entry into Kindergarten.

Outlined in this booklet are steps to take leading up to the first day of Kindergarten. There are also some important contacts listed, depending on which school your child will attend, and some useful tips and community resources.

Questions? Feel free to contact our Community Living Huntsville Resource Consultants.

Download the booklet.

Do you need this booklet in an alternate format? Email and let us know.

If you would like to learn more about our Resource Consultant program, please contact:

Stacey Bullock
705-789-4543, Ext. 215

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