Share your stories for National Inclusive Education Month

Together, We’re Better!

National Inclusive Education Month happens each year in February. It’s an annual effort, led by Inclusive Education Canada, to promote inclusion of all students in Canadian schools and classrooms, and talk about how the development of inclusive schools and school practices help provide quality education to all students, including those with developmental disabilities.

“Inclusive education is about how we develop and design our schools, classrooms, programs, and activities so that all students learn and participate together,” says Inclusive Education Canada on its website. “(It) is about ensuring access to quality education for all students by effectively meeting their diverse needs in a way that is responsive, accepting, respectful and supportive.”

Advocates, during a recent Community Living Ontario and Re:Action4Inclusion webinar, noted inclusive learning environments help all students, both with and without disabilities, develop social competence, friendships, and community, too.

“Children who learn together in school also learn to live well together as adults and are better able to create and participate in communities where everyone belongs,” says Community Living Ontario.

But there is more to be done.

So let’s learn about inclusive education, celebrate the teachers, administrators, students, families, and advocates who contribute to it, and share ideas on how to enhance it for every student.

If you’re looking for inspiration, Inclusive Education Canada has launched a webcast, called Let’s Chat about Inclusive Education, on its website in honour of Inclusive Education Month. Discussion includes why inclusive education matters, what it should look like, and more.

Plus, Community Living Ontario will announce the winners of its Together, We’re Better Contest on Friday, February 18, 2022. The contest invited students to share, in creative ways, how their school, class, or extracurricular supports inclusion, or why their school is better because everyone learns together.

And, by exploring our website, you can learn more about how Community Living Huntsville’s Children and Youth Services team supports elementary and secondary school students and their families with its Resource Consultant and Family Support programs.

So join us as we celebrate Inclusive Education Month 2022! We will keep the conversation going all month by sharing stories, information, resources, and more on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin social media channels. And add your voice, too! Do you have story to share about inclusion in our schools and how together, we’re better? Email us at!