Employment First- North Eastern Employment Network

The “Employment First” project currently under way across the Region, is an initiative of the North Eastern Employment Network whose membership is made up of 6 Community Living Agencies (South Muskoka, Huntsville, Almaguin, West Nipissing, North Bay, Parry Sound, Manitoulin).

Employment First aims to align people with intellectual disabilities, service providers, educators, employers and the community with a message that employment be the first service option considered for people transitioning from High School to the community.

To support the project’s awareness campaign, we have collaborated on a video that illustrates local examples of successful people (who happen to have a disability) working in competitive positions and the abilities they bring to businesses.


It can be viewed at  https://youtu.be/aJlHpYiiIpo


The initiative also includes bringing the internationally recognized “Job Path Program”, a six week person centered pre-employment training curriculum designed for people with disabilities and a targeted Summer Jobs Program to each local agency.

It is our goal to build awareness, continue to bridge relationships, and create opportunities for everyone based on their abilities.


This Project is funded with an Employment/Modernization project grant through The Ministry of Community and Social Services.

If you are interested in more information, please contact: