The Huntsville Community Spreads the Word to End the Word

The Huntsville Community Spreads the Word to End the Word

By Michelle Ainsworth

Spread the Word to End the Word events happened in Huntsville this week. This is an International campaign designed to promote respectful language and eliminate the use of the hurtful “R” word. The campaign is in its 10th year. Over 60 people attended an event at Community Living Huntsville on Tuesday March 6. 2018 where the public had an opportunity to take their pledge online showing their commitment to be cognizant about how words matter and they would not use the R word.

On Wednesday March 7, 2018 Community Living Huntsville, in partnership with reAction4Inclusion and members and the Huntsville High School went to the high school where students came together to take the pledge.

The Huntsville Doppler covered both events:

HHS students advocate for inclusion and respect with annual pledge

Community Living Huntsville wants you to spread the word: the R-word isn’t cool

Local musician Zack Fitzsimmons from “Zack Fitz Live”:  Zack Fitz Live Facebook Page wrote and performed a song for the event, titled “labels” which he performed at Community Living Huntsville’s event on Tuesday:

As well, he performed live on Hunters Bay Radio on Wednesday March 7, 2018.  The live performance can be viewed here:

Zack Fitzsimmons from Zack Fitz LIVE performing his brand new song “Labels”! Hope you like it!

Posted by Hunters Bay Radio on Wednesday, March 7, 2018

If other words can be used instead of the R word- we encourage people to do so. Using inclusive language that is respectful is so important for all of us- when you chose other words instead of the R word you are making a decision to treat everyone with respect. Many people do not realize that the word hurts so many. Choosing another word instead of the R word is the right thing to do. Everyone has a right to their choice in what words they decide to use and with words comes power. This campaign encourages people to make a choice that promotes dignity and respect.

Click here to take the pledge

Why is the R word so hurtful? Click on this link to learn more:

Advocates explain why the R word is so hurtful to so many people

People often wonder what they should do if they hear someone use the R word. Sometimes the person using the word may be a friend, or an acquaintance, or a colleague which can cause feelings of discomfort if you hear the word. If you hear someone use the word you may wonder, “What should I say?” “How can I share that this word isn’t okay to use without offending someone?”

Here are some great samples of what you can say when you are in a situation where someone uses the R word:

What you can say when you hear someone use the R word

Spread the Word to End the Word is all about making our world a more inclusive and kind place for everyone. If a word hurts, we suggest using another word. Click on this link to learn about other words that you can use instead of the R word.  255 words in fact!

255 Substitute Words for the R Word

Community Living Huntsville would like to thank The Huntsville Doppler, Hunters Bay Radio, Zack Fitzsimmons and all of the people who came out to the events to show their support.