Building a Stronger Future through Inclusive Education

a woman shows a bundle of books and bookmarks to a group of children crowded around her.

Yvonne Bush, a Resource Consultant with Community Living Huntsville, shares a bundle of inclusive education-themed books and bookmarks with an elementary school class for National Inclusive Education Month. Photo by Community Living Huntsville.

Children who learn together in inclusive environments also learn to live well together as adults. Those adults are better able to create and participate in communities where everyone belongs.

National Inclusive Education Month in February is a time for Community Living Movement members, like us, to promote the dignity and benefits that inclusive learning environments provide all learners, both with and without disabilities, and their communities. It’s also a time to celebrate the educators, administrators, students, and others who make that happen.

So, in February 2023, our Children and Youth Services team went on a road trip!

The team delivered inclusive education-themed bookmarks and children’s books to Huntsville, Pine Glen, Spruce Glen, Riverside, Irwin Memorial and V.K. Greer Memorial public schools, Saint Mary Catholic School, Muskoka Montessori School, and Huntsville Public Library. The team also took bookmarks and Community Living-themed cupcakes to Huntsville High School. It’s a way to celebrate – and promote inclusive education all year long!

Inclusion is about every student feeling a sense of belonging in their classroom, school, and community. It’s about teaching everyone to appreciate, respect, and value diverse abilities in school and in life.

Our dedicated Children and Youth Services team of Resource Consultants and Family Support Workers supports and advocates alongside children, teens, families, and education partners to build the skills, understanding, and connections that lead to more fulfilling experiences and stronger communities for everyone.

But it takes a community. Thank you to all our education partners for creating inclusive spaces for all children and youth to learn and participate, together, in our schools and community! Because together, we’re better.

We invite everyone to join the inclusive education movement. Inclusive Education Canada and Community Living Ontario offer excellent information and resources. And you can learn more about our work on our website.

We all have a role. Let’s take action and make our voices heard, together. Happy National Inclusive Education Month!

a box of cupcakes with blue and green icing. a woman hands a bundle of books and bookmarks to 4 other women. they are standing in the children's section of a library. a smiling woman holds a bundle of books and bookmarks. 2 smiling women hold a bundle of books and bookmarks. they are standing in front of a rainbow mural. 3 smiling woman sit on a bench, indoors. one holds a bundle of books and bookmarks. a close-up shot of a bundle of books and bookmarks.