Community Living Huntsville engages representatives from Roche Pharmaceuticals through “A Snapshot of Inclusion” with Grant Nickalls

On Tuesday September 27, 2016 Community Living Huntsville (CLH) was pleased to welcome out of town guests from Roche Pharmaceuticals.

Representatives from many Roche locations were meeting in Huntsville for a company retreat and they reached out to Community Living Huntsville to get an inclusive experience and learn about our community.

They joined Community Living Huntsville for a “Celebrating Inclusion Tour’ in house in our Old Stone Schoolhouse.

Then Campbell’s bus lines generously donated their bus for an “in town” tour. Our tour guide was Sheldon Eaton, Vice President of People First Huntsville and Grant Nickalls- Local Celebrity- Actor, Radio Personality.

We took a tour around town and stopped at various inclusive locations, where the owners, supervisors, managers of the businesses popped onto the bus briefly to chat about inclusion from their perspective and their connection with Community Living Huntsville.

The tour also went to Hunters Bay Radio where they were able to go into the studio and have a live complimantary performance from local musicians Sean Cotton and Clayton Earl

From there the bus made a couple more stops then ended at That Little Place By The Lights for a coffee before Roche Pharmaceuticals representatives headed on their way.

The event would not have been possible if it were not for the volunteer coordination of Marie Corn- she has been a fabulous help at Community Living Huntsville.

Community Living Huntsville would like to thank the following:

Thank you also to all of our supporters and special thank you to Dean Campbell from Campbell’s Bus Lines for making this possible for us today.

Thank you also to the following locations for supporting Community Livnig Huntsville and participating in the tour- your time is very valued and appreciated!

Thank you to Dr. Doug Raynor who shared about his persepctive on inclusion and his connection with Tristen, local artist- whom Dr Raynor has now purchased Tristen’s art and it is on display at the dentist office.

Thank you to Jake and Brenda and others from Boston Pizza for taking time to pop out and share about inclusion.

Thank you to the Canada Summit Centre for taking the time to come out, share about your programs and services and about your connection with Community Living Huntsville.

Thank you to The Huntsville Public Library – Cortney who shared with us about the library and exciting partnerships that CLH and the library are undergoing (stay tuned for more information on that!)

Thank you to Matt Huddlestone from the Algonquin Theatre for all that you do to provide an inclusive theatre space for so many people and for sharing with us the theatre’s vision and passion.

Thank you to Catherine Cole from the The Great Vine for popping over to the bus and sharing about inclusive employment, and for the community that you have created through your establishment.

Thank you to Hunters Bay Radio who allowed CLH and Roche to pop into their studio and have a live musical performance by Sean Cotton and Clayton Earl. Thank you to Jeff Carter, Jacob Kriger, Grant Nickalls from Hunters Bay Radio for being an inclusive employer, an inclusive space and for opening the doors for people to be creative and create radio shows such as the former “People First Radio” program that was coordinated by the late Lorne Michaelis.

Thank you to Manny from That Little Place By The Lights for being such a wonderful host and allowing us to stop and see your beautiful restaurant. Thank you also for being an inclusive employer

Again, a HUGE thank you to Grant Nickalls and Sheldon Eaton for being such terrific tour guides today!

CLH guests were able to see the Town of Huntsville, Muskoka, Ontario from an inclusive perspective.

It was a terrific day and we thank all those involved and all those who support CLH and the work that we do.

There are so many places in our vibrant and wonderful community that we could have stopped into during our tour, we thank our community for being welcoming, kind, fun, creative and inclusive. Thank you to all. For a full list of our inclusive employers please visit our “Supported Employment” photo album on our Facebook Page.

To learn more about Community Living Huntsville you can attend an in house Celebrating Inclusion Tour. Please see “Celebrating Inclusion Tours” photo album for full details and/ or contact Michelle Ainsworth at or phone 705. 789. 4543 Ex. 241

We welcome bookings such as this event. If you would like us to book a tour for your company, organization, club or business please contact Michelle Ainsworth

For a photo gallery please visit Community Living Huntsville’s Facebook Page by clicking the link below:

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