Group Living

Group Living

The Residential Group Living Program is designed to support adults with a developmental disability to live in a group home within their community. It offers twenty-four hour supports that are flexible and individual to each person’s needs. People are encouraged and supported to be as independent as possible and making their own decisions. Individuals receive support in all aspects of living as well as participation in the community to the degree which they desire.

Supports may include assistance and skill building in the following areas:

  • All activities of daily living
  • Household care and maintenance
  • Menu planning, grocery shopping and meal preparation
  • Monitoring and administration of medications and health care support
  • Support and advocacy with medical, dental, and specialist appointments
  • Budgeting, ODSP assistance, paying bills, and filing tax returns
  • Accessing community resources and services
  • Community connecting, networking, and encouraging natural supports

Supports are based on goals established though a planning process, captured in a Person Centred Plan. Each person we support is an individual; we strive to create a welcoming and validating environment for everyone.

The major focus of Residential Living is supporting people to build relationships within their own community. People are encouraged to connect with services and supports that are available to all of us, and to have a valued role within their community.

Our goal is to increase both personal independence and interdependence between people and their community.

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