Be a Champion

Be a Champion for inclusion in our community.

We are often asked, “What can we do to support Community Living Huntsville?” Becoming a Champion for inclusion is one of the most meaningful contributions you can make.

A Champion is someone who is passionate about making our community a place where everyone belongs. How do you share your passion? By hosting a “Journey of Inclusion” gathering.

A “Journey of Inclusion” gathering brings people together to hear powerful stories that are seldom heard. This one-hour presentation features some of the incredible people who are part of the Disability Rights Movement in our community. As the host of the gathering, you will reach out to your neighbours, members of your church or social group, and workplace and invite them to learn about what we do at Community Living Huntsville.

To learn more about becoming a Champion for Community Living Huntsville, please contact:

Carla O’Neill
705-789-4543, ext. 268

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