Fee For Service Program- Standing up for your right to choose

Community Living Huntsville

Fee for Service (Passport),

and YOU!

Community Living Huntsville offers many great Passport opportunities, Let’s explore your options together!

Connect with social groups                           Develop independent living skills

Discover skill building opportunities             Discover volunteer opportunities

Access employment supports                           Access to facilitation and planning

                                                                   Connect with Recreation activities           Connect with Leisure activities


Let’s get started!

Get access to our established community connections, utilize our Human Resource expertise, and let us assist you with all Passport paperwork!

Connect with Carla O’Neill, Fee for Service Coordinator at Community Living Huntsville

Carla brings over 18 years of experience connecting families and resources!

Phone:   705-789-4543 x 268 | Email: Carla.oneill@clhuntsville.ca | www.clhuntsville.ca



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