Supported Independent Living

Supported Independent Living

The Supported Independent Living Program is designed to support adults with a developmental disability to live in their own home within the community. It offers flexibility and is based on the wishes and needs of those receiving supports. Participants are encouraged and supported in making decisions which affect their lives such as where they live and with whom, and the type of supports they receive. Individuals are responsible for all costs incurred in maintaining their household including rent, utilities, food, and furnishings.

Supports may include assistance and skill building in the following areas:

  • All activities of daily living
  • Household care and maintenance
  • Menu planning, grocery shopping and meal preparation
  • Monitoring of medications and health care support
  • Support and advocacy with medical, dental, and specialist appointments
  • Budgeting, ODSP assistance, paying bills, and filing tax returns
  • Accessing community resources and services
  • Community connecting, networking, and encouraging natural supports

Our supports are voluntary and as such people may choose to receive or decline them at any time. Supports are based on goals established though a planning process, captured in a Person Centred Plan or a Service Agreement.

The major focus of Supportive Independent Living is Citizenship within one’s own community. People are encouraged to connect with services and supports that are available to all of us

Our goal is to increase both personal independence and interdependence between people and their community.


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