Fee For Service (Passport)

Community Living Huntsville – Standing up for your ability to choose.

Community Living Huntsville (CLH) offers Fee For Service (Passport) supports.

Community Living is here to provide services that help you or your family member with intellectual disabilities live a meaningful life in your own community.

Passport Funds are a form of direct funding that people 18 and over with intellectual disabilities (and their families) may be eliegible for so they can obtain support services from providers like Community Living Huntsville. We don’t issue Passport Funds, but we can help you navigate the system, and get the services you or your family member need.

One of the services we offer is Administration of Passport Funds. We take care of all the paper work and we recoup directly from Passport so you don’t need to spend your own money up front. Contact us to learn more.


Because we are a not-for-profit you can trust that the services we provide or of the highest quality without compromise.

Because we are accountable to regulatory bodies and audited frequently, you can trust that we operate at the highest standard in the sector.

Because of our experienced, vetted staff you and your family can trust that getting out into your community is a safe and worthwhile experience.


What does Quality mean? Quality staff who are selected to be a good fit with the people they support and the capacity to provide consistent and meaningful supports.

It means quality support services and programs designed to increase your capacity and ability, not just “babysit” you.

And it means achieving the quality of life we all desier, where we determine our own goals and dreams.


It’s in our name: Inclusion in the Community is the driving force behind Community Living’s Person Directed Planning and Suppor Services. Our community is better when people with intellectual disabilities are included. And you will lead a richer, healthier and more well- rounded life as you or your family member become part of your community on your own terms. It’s everyone’s right, and within all our abilities to achieve.


For over 60 years Community Living has been a passionate and committed voice for all people with intellectual disabilities and their families. From campaigning against the R- word to advocating for accesibility and inclusion in our communities, we are on your side. This passion and commitment is behind everything we do and every service we provide. Contact your local Community Living Association to find some more. 


Contact Carla O’Neill at carla.oneill@clhuntsville.ca or 705. 789. 4543 Ex. 268 to learn more. 

Stand up for YOUR right to choose. Choose Community Living Huntsville.

Click on videos to learn about how we can stand up for your ability to choose:

Contact us today to start receiving Community Living Huntsville’s supports and services through the Fee For Service (Passport) Program. You and/ or your loved one who receives support will be supported by trained, qualified professionals who have proven experience supporting people to live, work, learn and engage successfully in their community.

Stand up for YOUR right to choose. Choose Community Living Huntsville. 

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